Boost your confidence with the power of scent

What we smell directly influences our mood and our attitude. A fresh scent like mint can give you an energy boost, while a hint of lavender helps you relax. Each fragrance speaks to us individually—here’s how.

Did you know that 75% of human emotions are based on what we smell, rather than what we see or hear? The stimuli for smell are processed in areas of the brain that have an emotional function. Subconsciously we connect what we smell with our environment and this gets stored in our memory. What forms is a personal database of smells that can trigger memories from the past.

The smell of freshly baked apple pie may make your mouth water, and remind you of home. The cologne your ex wore may have once smelled wonderfully to you, but since the break-up, you can’t stand it. Whether associations are positive or negative differs per person and circumstance.


The scent of attraction

For years, researchers have tried to discover the secret to alluring and sexy perfume. It just so happens that the part of the female brain that produces lust hormones is triggered by the scent hedione. This was the first piece of scientific research that proved smell can truly excite women.

Hedione is an ester and diffusive aroma compound, with a smell vaguely similar to jasmine that, according to some, adds a vibrant effect to certain fragrance notes.


Relax among the florals

Other scents that are known to influence our mood are jasmine, lavender and white lotus. Jasmine has an unwinding effect and is often used in perfumes, whilst lavender and white lotus are known for their relaxing, delicate and uplifting scent.


Choose the scent you need

Scents influence your mood; they can give you confidence, make you feel energetic or help you relax. It would be perfect to discover a fragrance that you can include in your daily routine to help keep your spirits high.

If you’re a man or know one that could use an invigorating boost in the morning, give Bleu Byzantin with hints of water mint, juniper berries and pine trees a go. This eau de parfum from our Oriental Essences collection has a cool undertone and a soft touch of pine wood. For the ladies who want to relax, there’s Fleur de l’Himalaya. This eau de parfum smells like it has been picked straight from a valley of flowers. 

Have trouble choosing? Stop by one of our stores and we’d be happy to help you choose the scent that will most complement and empower you, no matter what your mood.


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