Start a home yoga routine with this basic exercise

“If you want more love in your life, set your intention to be more loving.” Wise words from teacher and best-selling author Erica Jago. In the follow video, she teaches you one of the most basic yoga techniques: Anjali Mudra. Otherwise known as hand yoga, mudras are an excellent starting point for beginners. Watch the video and learn how yoga can help you invite more love into your life.

Erica Jago

Erica Jago

As a teacher, Erica's design background is vital for transforming instructional concepts into artful and meaningful class experiences. Her groundbreaking yoga workbook, Art of Attention, has been translated into five languages, and Erica's latest book, Angelus, is an experiential chakra workbook combining stunning visual design, compelling storytelling, emotionally-connected yoga, and powerful creative exercises. Erica teaches weekly classes in Hawaii or Amsterdam as well as week-long global retreats.


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