The ultimate grooming collection & routine to empower him

Good grooming isn’t about being vain; it actually runs much deeper than appearances. Nobody knew this better than the Japanese Samurai: fierce warriors who never entered the battlefield without being groomed to perfection. By harnessing the power of a grooming routine, they were ready to conquer any challenge that came their way. That’s why we based our popular men’s collection, The Ritual of Samurai, on this wisdom.


The story behind the original Samurai

The military nobility class of medieval Japan consisted of well-rounded individuals who placed just as much importance on mental ability as they did on physical accomplishments. Not only did they invest a lot of time in combat training; they also tested their psychological resolve by doing things like standing underneath ice-cold waterfalls for hours at time. They lived by a code of honour called Bushido, which demanded that they live with respect, loyalty and courage.


In addition to this, they also paid great attention their personal appearance. Their careful grooming traditions were aimed at building power and control to support their battles and challenges. Their enemies never saw them look dishevelled, as this would be a sign of weakness.


The Samurai knew that the key to victory was confidence, and their grooming habits contributed to this confidence.


The modern-day Samurai

Today’s modern warrior might not be entering an actual battlefield, but he does face his own set of challenges every day. Whether he’s wants to flex his power in the boardroom, the classroom, or anywhere in between, he needs a healthy dose of confidence to get him started. And that’s why we developed The Ritual of Samurai—to help you harness the power of grooming routines, so you can conquer whatever the day throws at you.


Your 4 step empowerment routine

Our men’s collection has everything you need to be groomed to perfection. All of its products, enriched with Japanese mint and organic bamboo, are designed to empower you. Here’s how.


1. Scrub away old skin and make room for new with the scrub. Simply massage the body scrub into damp skin and rinse off with warm water 1-2 times per week for a fresher and healthier appearance.


2. Stay cool, calm and collected with the sport shower. This isn’t your ordinary shower gel. During warm weather, after a workout or whenever you need to cool down, massage the ice shower into your skin and feel the amazingly chilled out sensation until you rinse it off.


3. Take care of your scalp and strengthen your hair with the hair shampoo. Lather it up, let it sit for a minute, then rinse it out for stronger and healthier hair.


4. Smell fresh and feel confident by ending your grooming routine with the deo spray. Spray 15 cm away from your underarm for 24h protection.