Inspire good deeds with The Ritual of Karma

The term “karma” is thrown around a lot in popular culture, but what is its literal definition? From the original Sanskrit, karma means “actions or deeds.” Less literally, it preaches the concept that you get what you give—put positivity out into the universe and it will be returned to you by means of happiness. This is a prominent rule in both Buddhism and Hinduism.


Live with good intent

In order to create good karma, you must learn to live with good intent. This means cultivating mindfulness and displaying compassion towards others, even when they wish you ill. It also means accepting the fact that you are responsible for your own happiness and the creator of your own reality.


At Rituals, we believe that Eastern wisdom such as this can benefit us greatly. We strive to design collections that emphasise that we in the West should slow down and learn from ancient traditions. This is why we’re introducing The Ritual of Karma into our permanent collection: to remind you that if you do good, good will come your way.


Consisting of both a new sun care range and a body care collection, The Ritual of Karma allows you both protect and nourish your skin, all with the favourite fragrance from last year’s summer limited Karma collection—the sweetly floral aroma of Holy Lotus.


The Ritual of Karma

Our sun care line has you covered from head to toe, including everything from Sun Protection Hair Spray to maintain that vibrant hair colour to After Sun Lotion to hydrate your skin after a day at the beach. Containing organic white tea and ginkgo biloba, this advanced protection system also has a powerful anti-oxidant and natural vitamin E: giving your skin exactly what it needs to stay gorgeous and healthy.


The Ritual of Karma body care collection includes our iconic shower foam and body cream—products that you’ve come to expect and love from Rituals. The entire line is enhanced with Holy Lotus and the nourishing power of organic white tea.


What are you waiting for? You can practice good karma by starting with your skin. Stop by one of our stores or check out our new webshop and experience The Ritual of Karma: both your body and soul will thank you for it.