The Ritual of Karma Shower Foam Value Pack


pachet multiplu 3 x spume de duș
The Ritual of Karma foaming shower gel helps you immerse yourself in the positive vibes of summer all year round, instant ... Vedeți mai multe


119,00 L
Valoarea produsului 135,00 L

Din păcate, acest produs nu se expediază în zona dvs. Citiți mai multe despre livrare aici.

  • Timp de livrare 2-6 zile lucrătoare.

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The Ritual of Karma

3 X The Ritual of Karma Foaming Shower Gel

Produse esențiale, de lux

  • Contains three The Ritual of Karma foaming shower gels to keep or share with your loved ones.
  • Combines the sweet, floral aroma of holy lotus with the nourishing power of white tea for a special summery feeling.
  • Ultra soothing foam with a delicate sweet fragrance for a silky soft cleansing of the whole body.