Your mind is made for thinking; it does so involuntarily, just like your heart beats involuntarily. Practising meditation is about stilling your mind from thoughts or feeling blissful and wonderful. Step into our Mind Studio and find out what type of meditation experience we have in store for you.

Duration: 20 min | €14,50 | Age: 16+

Breath of Life

Ancient breathing techniques combined with modern technology make this revolutionary meditation experience highly enjoyable while also increasing your energy, health and well-being in minutes. By combining rhythmic belly breathing with breathholds you can calm the mind and body, and activate the body’s relaxation response.

Duration: 20 min | €14,50 | Age: 16+

Campfire Meditation

This incredible campfire was designed to respond to a group’s brainwaves. As you're guided into a beautiful state of meditation by Woven Studio and Muse, the Canadian party specialised in meditation and neurofeedback, you can watch as the colour and intensity of the fire reflects your meditative state.The calmer you become as a group, the bigger the fire.

Duration: 20 min | €14,50 | Age: 16+

Muse Brainwave Meditation

Get insight into how your brain and body actually benefit each time you sit and meditate with a Rituals exclusive MUSE Brainwave Meditation experience.

Mind Spa

Discover a refuge of relaxation combining innovative, effective and science-based techniques with the ancient wisdom of meditation and mental stress relief.


House of Rituals

Discover House of Rituals at Spui 10 in Amsterdam to browse our iconic collections as well as a complete floor dedicated to our range of premium products.