Immerse yourself in our authenticity soundscape

Let the power of this deeply relaxing soundscape inspire you to look inwards and embrace your uniqueness. 

Our authenticity masterclass empowers you to question your status quo, to explore the possibilities - the joy and peace - of living more authentically. Where our guided reflection meditation inspires you to ask and answer questions, whilst also equipping you with mantras to keep in your toolkit, this soundscape requires you to simply sit back, relax and listen. 


“The foundation of this soundscape consists of binaural beats with frequencies of 4-8 hertz. These frequencies resonate with our brain waves bringing us to a meditative state of deep relaxation,” explains composer and sound designer Willem van Erven Dorens.   


“Combined with the binaural beats there is a distant atmospheric thunderstorm slowly evolving with a harmonious chord progression. This soundscape portrays a feeling of isolation, not to feel lonely but as an invitation to commune with your inner self and embrace your unique authenticity. A moment to reflect and cherish the beauty of being alone with your true self.” 


Set the scene of relaxation with a spritz of our calming The Ritual of Jing home perfume. 


This article is part of our authenticity masterclass to help you discover who you truly are and to empower you to lead and live a more authentic life. By allowing yourself to tap into your true essence you will be able to connect with the world around you in a new and positive way.