The Purifying Power of Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Argan Oil

The authentic Hammam ceremony has been embraced worldwide, providing a vigorous exfoliation and detoxification to all who enter. It is common for first-timers to remark that it’s the cleanest their skin has ever been, leaving them feeling completely rejuvenated. What’s the secret behind such a purifying experience? Powerful ingredients like eucalyptus, rosemary and argan oil.  


Long before antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals, people were using this flowering plant eucalyptus to treat all kinds of medical conditionsIndigenous to Australia, New Zealand and parts of Southeast Asia, eucalyptus was a popular export to the rest of the world once its healing capabilities became known. Whether it’s in essential oil, tea or even original leaf form, this miracle of Mother Nature is good for diseases affecting both body and mind. Similarly, rosemary has a long history of being used to alleviate muscle pain, improve memory, boost the immune and circulatory systems, and even promote hair growth. 


A Star for the Skin

Because eucalyptus has anti-bacterial properties, it’s a good natural solution to skin problems. Rubbing the leaves against infected skin helps, as does drinking eucalyptus tea. The most effective way to reap the benefits, however, is by applying the essential oil derived from the plant directly onto irritated or infected skin. One caution: in its undiluted form the oil is toxic, so you must never consume it.

A treasure trove of health benefits, catering to diverse concerns and skin conditions, renowned for nurturing hair and skin, argan oil's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties deliver soothing relief and holistic treatment for irritated skin and beyond. With its enriching elements like vitamin E, fatty acids, squalene, and antioxidants, argan oil is definitely your ally, offering protection and replenishment for a radiant you. 

Room to Breathe

For generations, populations have turned to eucalyptus to help with various lung ailments. It acts as an expectorant, which means it’s a natural alternative to cough medicine. To this day, it’s recommended to people looking for an herbal solution to problems ranging from bronchitis to asthma to the common cold.


Putting the “Tea” in Immunity

Eucalyptus and rosemary aren’t just a healing agent, they can also help prevent certain types of infections and boost your immunity as they’re both a vastly rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. 


The Smell of Stress Relief

Proponents of aromatherapy swear by the stress-relieving effects caused by breathing in eucalyptus and rosemary. They’re said to have the ability to clear the mind from conflict, put you into a more restful state or even help rejuvenate the senses and inspire better mental focus.  

Laura Wabeke

Laura Wabeke

Translator, editor and copywriter Laura Wabeke is fascinated with words and the many innovative ways you can use them to express yourself. After nine years as a freelancer – hopping from the travel industry to media agencies, advertising and book editing – this in- house copywriter is now fluent in yoga, meditation, mindfulness and embracing the brand’s philosophy of finding beauty and happiness in the smallest of things.