Introducing Joy to the World, our new masterclass with Mo Gawdat, Rituals’ Happiness Ambassador

Our masterclass with Rituals’ happiness ambassador, Mo Gawdat is brimming with daily videos, advice and practical tips to show how you can bring more joy to the world.


Happiness has never been more important. Not only increasing it within our own lives, but finding ways to spread it into, and across, the world too. Rituals’ Happiness Ambassador, Mo Gawdat, wants to take you on a journey to unlock, tap into and recognise your emotions so you can ultimately be happy and create more joy.  


Over the next 5 days, you’ll discover daily videos from Mo with his amazing insights on how by being happy we can all bring more joy to the world. There are practical tips, new habits and simple life switch-ups you can use to inject joy into your day, as well as a calming meditation to boost your empathy.  


For the most convenient user experience, access the content via our app so you always have the latest videos and meditations in the palm of your hand. Alternatively find the full program below, curated across 5 days but available for you to view at any time. What are you waiting for? 


Masterclass includes:  

Videos x 6 

Articles x 5 

Tasks x 5 

Meditation x 1 


About Mo 

Mo Gawdat is the former chief business officer for Google X where he was responsible for some of the company’s most high-tech developments, such as self-driving cars. However, he realised that, in spite of his wealth and success, he was deeply unhappy. When his son Ali tragically died in a routine operation, he turned his grief into action developing a formula to deliver lasting happiness with the goal to make #OneBillionHappy, to spread his learnings about happiness and ultimately make the world a happier place. He is the author of numerous books including Solve For Happy: Engineer Your Path To Joy and is also the host of chart-topping podcast, Slo Mo: A podcast with Mo Gawdat.  


You can read our interview with Mo Gawdat and try our previous Happiness Challenge here.

Introduction Task: Creating a gratitude journal 


Taking time to acknowledge the positives in your life will make you feel happy every day. 


“Gratitude is one of the biggest weapons against unhappiness and a gratitude journal is a good way to visualise and see your thoughts clearly,” explains Mo Gawdat, Rituals’ happiness ambassador. Here’s everything you need to know about how to write a gratitiude journal every day. 


Dedicated space  

Keep a specific book to write your gratitudes in and use it solely for that purpose - don’t start adding your shopping list! You can buy specially designed journals, but a regular notebook is fine.  


Make it routine 

“It’s really important to create a habit in your day, especially for gratitude. So choose a time - morning, your lunch break, the evening, or all three - and practice your gratitude at the same time every day,” advises Mo. 


Reflect back 

“Looking back at previous pages of your journal to see what you have been grateful for is a very valuable reminder. It’s also acts as a powerful manifestation, because when you observe what you have been grateful for you will get more of it,” says Mo.  


Not just words 

Your journal doesn’t have to be word based, use whatever helps you focus on gratitude. “I keep a folder of photographs that I’m grateful for on my phone: a moment where my daughter is smiling, my old car that’s still in good shape, a friend I have spent good times with. I swipe through that folder and it reminds me that life is ok,” explains Mo.  


Kickstart your joyful journey! Click here and Mo will reveal how to turn negative feelings into a force of joy, plus discover how to have more meaningful conversations.