The Ritual of Namaste Refill Night Balm


晚霜補充裝, 50 ml
Show respect for your skin and respect for nature with this eco-chic refill for your restoring night balm. It fits perfectly in your ... 顯示更多
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CICA 緊緻複合物

CICA 緊緻複合物可調整肌膚紋理,令皮膚展現年輕動人的亮澤。配方含有 CICA 及岩玫瑰,可改善皺紋和細紋,令肌膚更有彈性,並強化肌膚屏障。


How to use your refill cup: First, remove the empty inner cup from the jar by pressing the bottom of the cup upwards. Then insert the new refill cup by slotting it into the jar. Remove the sleeve of your refill and press the cup into the glass until you hear a click. Your cream is now ready for use. Before bed, warm a small amount between your palms and the balm will transform into a gentle oil. Breathe in the relaxing lavender scent and apply to a clean face and neck. Massage gently with upward and outward motions. Use in combination with Ageless Firm & Lift Active Serum for improved results.