Create Your Own Skin Care Ritual

We’ve all committed the ultimate beauty sin at one time or another: sleeping in full make-up because we’re too exhausted to bother removing it. Waking up the next morning with racoon eyes and our pillows streaked with foundation, the worst damage is not even visible to the naked eye.

Namely, we just spent 6 to 8 hours clogging our pores and threatening our skin with potential breakouts, irritations and an overall rough texture. And those are just the short-term dangers; long-term effects of repeatedly sleeping in make-up include bacterial build-up and even premature aging of the skin. But now for some good news: if you remove all traces of make-up and start employing a daily skin care ritual, you’ll wake up having benefitted from a literal beauty sleep. Your skin will feel refreshed and rejuvenated and you’ll be ready to greet the day as your best self. 

Follow our step-by-step guide on how you can achieve this daily result using Rituals’ luxurious and renewed skin care range.

1. The eyes have it

It’s important that you remove all remnants of eyeliner and mascara—when left on, they can cause eye infections and eyelash breakage. If you use water-proof products, be certain to use an eye make-up remover specifically suited for them. Take a cotton ball and douse it in Rituals’ Mild Eye Make-Up Remover, starting from the inside of your lid and working your way out. The formula doesn’t sting or feel greasy, and it contains the soothing properties of Lotus Flower and Rice Bran Oil. As an added bonus, it also washes off even the richest and darkest lipstick.

2. Face the facts

Before you can apply the nourishing products that will soften and smooth your skin during the night, you need to ensure that your pores are completely unblocked. They’re not just covered in make-up; throughout the day your face is plagued by external stresses such as bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt and dead skin cells. For the best result, choose a facial cleanser that is specific to your skin type. For normal and/or combination skin, we recommend applying our Creamy Foam Cleanser to a damp face and neck and gently massaging until it begins to foam, rinsing it off with lukewarm water. If you have dry or sensitive skin, the Sensational Soft Cleanser is the better choice, as it transforms into a cleansing lotion once it comes in contact with wet skin.

3. Out with the old, in with the new

Your skin is constantly shedding and regenerating cells, and if the dead cells remain, they can pile up and leave your face looking dull, rough and dry. They also clog your pores and cause blemishes. This is why exfoliation is such an important part of maintaining a healthy skin. Unlike the rest of this regiment, dermatologists advise that you exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week rather than on a daily basis. When done right, exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells and exposes the fresh new cells underneath, clearing the way for moisturisers to seep in and feed the new skin. Rituals’ Brightening Face Exfoliator, containing Lotus Flower and Moringa Extract, is just the trick to prep your face for healthy cell growth. Simply massage into skin and rinse with lukewarm water to complete this step.

4. Keep it toned

Of all the products available on the market, toner is probably the one you know the least about and are the least likely to incorporate into your nightly skin care ritual. This is a big oversight, as toner is very important for two reasons.  First, it helps maintain the skin’s pH balance, which can be disturbed due to the alkaline nature of soap. Secondly, it helps to close pores, protecting the skin from environmental impurities. Unlike the aforementioned products, toner should not be rinsed off once it’s been applied to the face and neck. We recommend either our Refreshing Facial Toner or the Ultra Calming Facial Toner; both are gentle enough to use every day and are the perfect ending to the cleansing portion of your skin care routine.

5. Moisturiser: the big finish

Once your face has been wiped free of make-up, washed, exfoliated and toned, the only thing left to do is make sure you don’t go to sleep with dry skin. Like facial cleanser, it’s essential that you select a moisturiser that matches your skin type.  For younger skin, the Moisture Recovery Night Cream from Rituals contains botanical extracts and an active hydrating complex to help it rehydrate overnight.  If your face is prone to irritation or breakouts, you’d be better served using the Sensitive Skin Night Cream, as its high aloe vera content both moisturises and calms the skin. For mature skin, an anti-aging element in your routine is an absolute must, so we recommend the Rich Restoring Night Cream because of its firming botanical extracts and active anti-wrinkle complex. Whatever night cream you choose, be sure to apply it liberally to ensure a soft, supple skin.

If you take the time to perform these five steps on a daily basis, your skin will radiate health. And rather than waking up with traces of make-up on your face and bed linens, you’ll feel fresh and ready to face whatever the day brings.