Sport Life is a Journey - Sport Car Perfume


car perfume, 2x3 gr
Life is a journey, enjoy the ride with this car perfume based on the smoky scent of leather, warm tonka bean and herbaceous patc ... Show more
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Leather + Patchouli

The smell of leather is reminiscent of a natural rawness. Its perfume is powerful, yet soft with accords that add smoky, tobacco and woody accents. Patchouli is considered a very important ingredient in many love potions in India. This is not really surprising when you consider the sultry tones of musk and earth that conjure up something deeply sensual.

How to Use

1) Remove the foil carefully without damaging the membrane 2) Click the clip onto the holder in the preferred position 3) Click the perfume onto your car’s fan unit 4) Adjust the fan setting to regulate the intensity of the fragrance

Making you feel revitalised

Power Recharge Formula

Our Sport collection has been created using Power Recharge Technology. With crisp and fresh notes of citrus, bergamot and peppermint, this fragrance is designed to make you feel revitalised.