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Our exclusive and luxury range of hotel amenities really does make a world of difference for your guests’ entire customer journey... Rituals can make them feel at home anywhere in the world, from the lobby to their room, with signature fragrances created by the world’s best perfumers.

Hotel amenities

Our exclusive and luxury range of hotel amenities makes a world of difference for your guests' entire customer journey. Let your guests recharge and refresh, from arrival to departure.

Exclusive and luxury Hotel Amenities for your guests' entire customer journey

Luxury dispensers

Heighten your guest’s stay, from start to finish, with a touch of everyday indulgence in the form of our luxury dispensers in The Ritual of Happy Buddha or The Ritual of Karma.

Heighten your guest’s stay with luxury Dispensers

Gift sets

Let your guests take home their hotel experience by offering our gift sets and retail items. This will allow them to remember their trip
for a long time.

Offering gift sets and retail items

Rituals cares

By offering eco-friendly refills, recycled PET packaging for our amenities and using reusable boxes for our gift sets, our goal is to use 100% recyclable packaging by 2023.

Rituals Cares: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle

Fragrance solutions

A beautiful scent can inspire and conjure wonderful memories. Choose from our range of fragrances to elevate the customer experience in each room.

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