The Ritual of Jing Pillow & Body Mist


pillow & body mist, 50 ml
Enhance the quality of your sleep with this magical The Ritual of Jing pillow mist. Enriched with sandalwood and lavender to hel ... Show more
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Sandalwood is considered a sacred ingredient in many ancient cultures and is prized for its masculine, woody scent. It symbolises the stimulation of consciousness.


Lavender's calming scent soothes the soul and provides ultimate relaxation for your skin before you go to sleep.

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How to Use

Spray 3 times onto your pillow for the perfect night's sleep. Wait for a few minutes before lying down. Tip: Use the spray before brushing your teeth to give the fragrance enough time to permeate your bedroom perfectly.

The Ritual of Jing

Your path to inner peace

Escape the hectic pace of everyday life through deep relaxation and restful sleep.

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