While seated in a zero gravity chair you’ll be uninterrupted by outside noises, and the sounds transduced through the chair makes the breathing experience completely immersive. It's as if you're in your very own breathing bubble.*

Duration: 25 min | €14,50

Quiet The Mind

Release stress and activate a deep sense of relaxation with this calming breathing technique guided by Niraj Naik, the founder of Somabreath. The long exhales tell the body and mind it’s ok to relax and let go of tension. With a quiet mind as a result.

Mind Oasis

Experience a refuge of relaxation combining innovative, effective and science-based techniques with the ancient wisdom of meditation and mental stress relief.


House of Rituals

Discover House of Rituals at Spui 10 in Amsterdam to browse our iconic collections as well as a complete floor dedicated to our range of premium products.


* Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. If you have a history of epilepsy, cardiobascular issues, or you'are pregant, please check with your doctor before booking a Breath of Life, Breathing Bubble or Brain Massage session.