For men only; how to keep your skin happy in the winter

Nippy temperatures, brutal winds and dark days can have adverse effects on both your mood and your skin – and men are no exception. While some guys like to keep it simple and easy winter really does require a little more effort on your part if you want to avoid any dryness or flakiness. Here are four tips to keep in mind this winter (or all year-round). 


The bathroom basics

A hot shower might feel amazing, but it’s actually the main culprit for drying out your skin. This is because steaming water strips your skin of its natural oils. Be sure to switch to lukewarm temperatures to help protect your skin in winter.


Another guilty party when it comes to depleting the natural and essential oils on your body is body wash. Guys, we’re begging you. Stop using this on your face. All those different skincare and body products are not just a marketing ploy, they have a function – we promise. So, always – yup, always – keep a great post-shower balm or lotion on hand.


Impurities, be gone

We truly hope you’re already washing your face regularly, but during winter it’s essential to have a product on your shelves that cleanses without stripping your skin of its moisture. Look for alcohol and soap-free formulas that are packed with antioxidants and skin-benefitting ingredients like Vitamin E.


Wash your face twice a day to wake yourself up in the morning and to rid your skin of oil and pollutants before you transfer it all from your pillow to your face and back again.


Protect your money-maker

Now’s the time to start using a moisturiser, if you didn’t already have an arsenal in your bathroom cabinet. Apply it after cleaning your face (remember, twice daily) to keep your face soft, and don’t forget about the bags underneath your eyes. Be on the lookout for rich moisturisers containing emollients to help strengthen your skin’s natural barrier. The same goes for your lips, they are much more prone to drying out when exposed to winter’s chill.  Check out our cheat sheet for winter lip care tips.


The gentle approach

Let’s start off by saying, don’t overdo the scrubbing. Stick to something lighter, rather than a sandpaper-like grooming product that can lead to dryness. Exfoliate once or twice a week to buff away dead cells and other impurities from the surface of the skin, boost new cell growth, and prevent in-grown hairs.


Your beard is probably feeling a little dry and brittle during this time of year and could do with a bit of nourishment and taming. Or, if you’re going for the clean-shaven look, your skin could use a little protection from the friction of your razor. Whatever your style, invest in a good beard oil to win the cold war. Your face will thank you.