Yozakura: The Japanese nighttime spectacle that inspired our limited edition collection

Cherish the night by discovering the beauty of yozakura and the products inspired by the tradition. 

The blooming of the cherry blossoms is eagerly awaited each spring in Japan from March to May. By day, the viewing of the blooms is known as the custom of hanami which inspired our bestselling collection The Ritual of Sakura (Sakura being the name for the cherry blossom itself). During this fleeting time, we are reminded that life is short and that the best we can do is appreciate the small moments with mindful intention.  


A nighttime spectacle 

In Japan, the blooms are appreciated throughout the day but also at night. You see, besides hanami there is yozakura. Yozakura means ‘night cherry blossom’ and this typical nighttime event sees the Sakura, after sundown, illuminated to create breathtaking, majestic scenes. The Sakura sparkles and shines with hues of pinks and purples. In addition, traditional lanterns are hung from trees, making for the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic party – complete with sake - beneath the radiant blooms. A truly festive experience, it’s a chance to cherish the night and enjoy the beauty of life.  

How to enjoy yozakura at home and away 

If you find yourself in Japan during cherry blossom season, head to Kyoto, Osaka or Tokyo to enjoy viewing the sakura and yozakura. Can’t make it to Japan? Create a beautiful atmosphere at home with our limited edition Yozakura Fragrance sticks, Home perfume and Scented candle. Enjoy the flicker of the candle’s flame and the aroma of white flowers, fruity cherry facets and the gourmand warmth of vanilla and almond milk.   


A body care routine you’ll love 

Don’t wait for a special occasion or night out to enjoy our limited edition Yozakura body care products – seize the day, cherish the night with these delights. 


For bath-lovers, there is a brand-new Sake bath milk, with the goodness of fermented rice extract and Yoshino cherry. Alongside our Yozakura Foaming shower gel and Body cream you’ll find the Pink sugar scrub, a paste-like scrub that will polish and soften the skin with black rice extract, shea and cocoa butter. Want to ramp up the nourishment, you can layer the Body serum containing 5% niacinamide (known to refine skin texture and tone) and black rice extract under the body cream for smoother, more supple skin.  


Finally, the limited edition collection extends to a Hair & body mist with the allure of delicate white flowers, elegantly entwined with notes of ambery vanilla, and a Shimmering body oil that has a luminous pearlescent shimmer to leave you looking radiant (hurry, we predict this one will sell out!) 


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