Kind to skin

We carefully consider our ingredient selection to ensure there's nothing in our formulas that shouldn't be.

In the list below you can read why we formulate without potentially harmful substances like parabens, MIT, and phthalates.

Environmentally safe

We make sure that our rinse-off formulas can be flushed down the drain without harming the environment.

We also do not use micro beads in our products, instead, we use natural alternatives such as sea salt, bamboo, sugar and pumice (volcanic rock) instead.

Ethically sourced

We know where our ingredients come from and ensure they are always sourced responsibly.

For that reason, we choose to use certified palm and palm kernel oil derivatives and opt for Better Cotton, TENCEL ™ Lyocell and recycled polyester for our textiles. Our teas are also organic and all our packaging paper and carton is FSC/PEFC certified.

Responsible Ingredient Choices

Learn more about the choices we make in the selection of our ingredients in the list below.

Readily Biodegradable

We assess the biodegradability of our rinse-off formulas to ensure they do not harm the environment when flushed down the drain.

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