The Ritual of Mehr 2-Phase Bath Oil


2-phase bath oil, 500 ml
Luxuriate in a comforting bath with our innovative 2-phase bath oil. The top phase - or layer - contains ultra-nourishing elemen ... Show more
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Sweet Orange

The zesty, spicy, fresh yet sweet fragrance of Sweet Orange boosts your mood and energy levels.

Cedar Wood

The oil derived from the majestic cedar tree is known to help soothe the body and mind. This pure, aromatic essential oil of cedar has a stimulating woody fragrance, which helps to brighten and energise your soul.

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How to Use

Shake to mix the two phases and pour about 2 tablespoons into the bath under running water.

The Ritual of Mehr

Energise body, mind & soul

With energising sweet orange and cedar wood, bring forth your happiness like a ray of sunshine.

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