This is what it’s like to work at Rituals

Joining Rituals can set you on a path to career fulfillment beyond what you can imagine. Intrigued? Our team reveals all


Thinking about joining Rituals as a holiday helper this season? Our stores are a luxury space in which you can connect with customers at our iconic water island whilst discussing their favourite collections over a hand massage. Working in our stores is not just about selling, as our founder Raymond Cloosterman famously said, “we are not here to sell you beauty, we are here to make you feel good.” And, as a wellbeing brand, that’s exactly what we do – help our customers find happiness in the small moments.  


Store moments 

If you find yourself joining Rituals as a holiday helper, know this, it’s like joining a family. Your tasks in the store will be focused on advising customers and helping them find gifts for their loved ones. Keeping the store neat and tidy, creating the perfect warm festive experience not just for the customers but for you and the team. Restocking products and our famous gift sets. But beyond that, Rituals is all about wellbeing and we inspire that among all our teams to spread kindness and happiness to those around you. When you work at Rituals, you’re a special part of the team, where creating a sense of closeness is important whether you’re a permanent member or joining for the holidays.  

Going beyond 

Working in our stores is a crucial role within the company – you are the frontline, meeting customers and spreading the joy of Rituals to all who enter the door. For some, working in our stores is also the first step on the path to a new career altogether. Zoë Montijn, a Senior Digital Designer in our central office, started as a Christmas temp in her local Rituals store. “I worked in store when I did my bachelor’s degree. I loved working in store at Christmas, it's the busiest time of year and I loved helping people in their search for the perfect gift.    


“When I had almost graduated, I started looking for a job and I found a vacancy at head office. My store manager helped me connect with the right person at HR and the rest, as they say, is history,” says Zoë. “I love that there's so much room for development, in every way, whether it’s at a personal or career level. Besides that, I have a great team to work with which also is very important to me.” 


Unique opportunities 

At Rituals, whether in stores or at head office, the team has opportunities beyond the day-to-day job that are often incredibly fun and rewarding. Recently our head office travelled to 6 cities including London and Paris, interviewing our incredible store staff about their experiences working with us – which will feature on our website next year! This holiday season, some of our team members featured had the chance to feature in our festive campaign Senior HR Business Partner Dirk van Zon said “it was such a unique opportunity which I could not resist. For me, this was really an extra token of appreciation, to be part of something big, and it was also good to see how much work goes into such a production. I enjoyed it so much and think back to it with a lot of joy.”   


Want to join Rituals? We are currently looking for people to join our store teams this holiday season. Visit our career page here to find out more