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3D Advent Calendar
The Ritual of Advent 24 Days of Merry Moments The Christmas season is filled with festive moments and traditions, and they all ... Show more


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13 gifts of happiness

13 gifts in 1with a surprise to be found inside each box.

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Unlock some holiday cheer

Discover the 24 surprises

  1. 1.Advent Mini Candle Private Collection Sweet Jasmine
  2. 2.Fortune Balms Repair for giftset
  3. 3.Serendipity Foaming Shower Gel 50ml for Gift Set
  4. 4.The Ritual of Ayurveda Hand Lotion
  5. 5.Advent Mini Candle Private Collection Imperial Rose
  6. 6.The Ritual of Ayurveda Hair & Body Mist 20 ml


Unlock some holiday cheer

Discover the 24 surprises

  1. 7.The Ritual of Oudh Foaming Shower Gel 50ml
  2. 8.The Ritual of Sakura Conditioner 50ml
  3. 9.The Ritual of Namaste Anti-Aging Serum 10ml for Advent
  4. 10.The Ritual of Jing Sleep Pillow & Body Mist 20 ml
  5. 11.The Ritual of Sakura Shampoo 50ml
  6. 12.Advent Mini Candle Private Collection Orris Mimosa


Unlock some holiday cheer

Discover the 24 surprises

  1. 13.The Ritual of Samurai Ice Shower 70ml
  2. 14.The Ritual of Ayurveda Scrub Glove for Gift Set 2021
  3. 15.The Ritual of Jing Foaming Shower Gel 50ml
  4. 16.Boutique Line Karma soap bar 25 g
  5. 17.The Ritual of Ayurveda Foaming Shower Gel 50ml
  6. 18.The Ritual of Karma Mild Body Scrub Clay 70ml


Unlock some holiday cheer

Discover the 24 surprises

  1. 19.Advent Mini Candle Private Collection Jade Vine
  2. 20.Amsterdam Collection Body Mist 20ml
  3. 21.The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream 100ml
  4. 22.The Ritual of Karma Body Shimmer Oil 30ml
  5. 23.The Ritual of Jing Mini Fragrance Sticks for Advent
  6. 24.Travel Océan Infini 15ml


Build your village

Watch this video and follow our simple instructions on how to assemble your Advent village. Once you're ready, just sit back and enjoy the next 24 days.
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35cm x 54.5cm

Your Summer of Joy

The Ritual of Advent calendar comes pre-wrapped in a luxury box and is tied off with a gorgeous glossy ribbon.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Summer of Joy gift box?

The Summer of Joy gift box is a Limited Edition gift set, available this summer only! It contains custom-made editions as well as some of your favourite products for a soulful summer. The Summer of Joy gift box will take you on a 13-day journey of personal wellbeing, based on the 13 themes of The Art of Soulful Living.

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