We unveil a skincare expert's dos and don’ts

Your mother was right—your skin shows when you're taking proper care of your body and soul. The secret to beautiful skin? Thinking holistically and realising that good lifestyle choices on every level will have a positive impact. Skincare expert Abigail takes you through things you absolutely must do—and things you should always avoid—to get the skin you’ve always wanted.


Skincare school is in session: here are the do’s

1. Wear sunscreen every day 

Even when it’s not sunny, wearing a low-level SPF protects your skin from premature aging.


2. Eat a balanced diet

We are what we eat. Increase your intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts. Need some food inspiration? Click here for exclusive recipes that promote gorgeous skin.


3. Go outside in the fresh air

Breathe and move! Walking, cycling, jogging—it’s all good for your complexion. Spending time outdoors is the best medicine for body and soul, and this includes your skin.


4. Make time for you

Supporting our mental health is essential.


5. Keep hydrated

Drink water, herbal teas or natural plant waters such as coconut and birch.


6. Try facial massage

You can do it at home and the benefits are amazing.


And now for the don’ts

1. Smoking

Amongst so many other negative things, it restricts blood flow to the skin, which reduces nutrients. This makes the skin age fast and look dull.


2. Not cleansing your skin

You need to do this once in the morning and again at night. On its own, water is drying to the skin, as is soap. Use a cleanser in the morning to start with a clean surface for the rest of your skincare. At night, use it again so that your skin can go through its natural regenerative process while you sleep.


3. Excessive sun exposure

I already mentioned the importance of sunscreen every day, but even with sunscreen, it’s not wise or good for your skin to expose yourself to UV-rays all the time.


4. Processed foods

Highly processed junk foods cause blood sugar levels to spike, which can result in hormonal changes that negatively affect the skin.


5. Too much caffeine

Caffeinated beverages actually dehydrate you, causing your skin to halt collagen production and lose elasticity.


6. Forgetting to moisturise

Moisturising your skin is your recovery blanket—an essential nourishment for keeping your skin well-hydrated and comfortable.


There you have it: 6 very good things to do for your skin and 6 things to avoid at all costs if you want a radiant complexion. Try to incorporate this advice into your daily routine and you’ll notice that your skin has never been healthier.