Focus a busy mind and fire up your body with this 25-minute Pilates sequence

Feel a greater sense of joy and peace with this endorphin-boosting Pilates class


Are you overwhelmed with thoughts and a never-ending to-do list? Incorporating breathing techniques to relax a busy mind, this Pilates sequence session will also boost your endorphins. The result? A greater sense of accomplishment, joy and inner peace. 


The 25-minute class activates your muscles whilst also connecting with your breathing to ground you for the rest of the day. With each mindful move, you will feel your energy levels rejuvenate and your happy hormones activate. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your mat and enjoy this transformative 25-minute Pilates flow. 

Tommie Janssens

Tommie Janssens

Tommie has long been fascinated by the power of movement. During a successful dance career and training as a Pilates teacher, Tommie wanted to share the tools he had acquired over his career with others. With a strong focus on breathwork, body awareness and mindfulness techniques, Tommie’s goal has evolved to help his students remain as present as possible whilst learning the physical act of Pilates. 


Tommie teaches Pilates in Amsterdam at Movements Yoga, when he’s not teaching you will find him in the dance studio.