Heal yourself at home with massage

Massage is an amazing way to unwind your mind and your muscles. And here’s a tip: you can do it yourself! We share why massage is a great way to slow down and how you can give yourself or somebody you love the gift of ultimate relaxation.


Healing hands for body, mind and soul

Sports doctors and physical therapists swear by it: muscle and deep tissue massage for all kinds of ailments. It reduces physical pain and helps you return to pre-injury fitness. But the psychological benefits are just as potent. To enter a state of complete rest by slowing down and treating yourself or somebody else to a massage is pure bliss. It’s no wonder that people have been giving each other massages for over 5,000 years—the benefits, including making connections within yourself and forging bonds with others--are undeniable.

Do try this at home

There are plenty of forms of massage that lend themselves to the comfort and convenience of your own home. All you need is a place to sit or lie down and some soothing, warming oils to nourish the skin. And of course, if you don’t want to go at it alone, a willing partner is always welcome. Here are some techniques you can try on yourself or somebody else while relaxing at home.

Dry-brushing detox

Dry brushing, or garshana,stimulates the lymphatic system, which results in a powerful detox. Dry brushing not only feels great, it’s also incredibly easy to do yourself. Always stroke from bottom to top, moving in the direction of the heart so that the lymphatic system is properly drained. It only takes between 3-5 minutes daily toexperience the benefits of this Ayurvedic tradition.

Abhyanga: magical self-massage

Another option is Abhyanga, which is a Sanskrit word that literally means “massage of the whole body.” This technique also involves the head and face. Check out our instructional video here to learn how to administer this very popular form of massage that focuses on the balancing of energies.

Healthy from head to toe

Anybody who walks a lot in high heels or spends the day on their feet knows that a proper foot massage just might be the closest thing to heaven on Earth. But reflexology takes it to a whole other level. It’s not just about feeling good; practitioners believe that massaging specificreflex points on the foot can induce a healing response in orresponding organs and other areas of the body. A foot rub that can help with headaches or stomach issues? Now that is a healing massage.

Whether you’re massaging yourself or a somebody else, one thing is clear: you don’t need to book an expensive appointment to feel the benefits. Just stock up on some luxurious oils andperhaps a few scented candles tocreate a relaxing ambiance,and start healing at home.