Sleep better this summer: 5 ways to fall asleep when it’s hot out

Warm, long summer days ahead! Sunshine and heat are all well and good during the day, but when it’s time to go to bed, a cool breeze is welcome. During the months ahead, the warm weather and longer days can upset your daily routine, leading to long, restless nights. 


Looking for some practical tips to fall asleep during those warm summer nights? We've got you. With this advice, you'll sleep just as well as during other seasons. Get ready to wake up in the morning feeling active and ready to take on the day.


Go outside

Sleeping well starts with what you do during the day. When the weather is this nice, it's probably a treat to spend some more time outdoors. Try starting out your day with a walk, or have lunch outside. Spending some time in your garden or on your balcony every weekend is also a great way to stay grounded and in touch with nature.


Getting rid of excess energy

According to sleep expert Els van der Helm, it's best to exercise at the beginning of the day. Mornings are perfect for working out, because the air is still relatively cool. Avoid going for a run in the evening: it can cause your body to be too awake at night to fall asleep. This yoga exercise, however, can be done right before going to sleep.


Create a positive mindset

To fall asleep easily in the evening, turn off any bright lights in the room and light a scented candle an hour before going to bed. A soothing scented candle will do the trick. Make sure there's still plenty of time and sufficient lighting to read and write while your body gets ready to go to bed. Put down your devices and read a few pages from a book. To go to sleep with a positive mindset, write down three good things from your day in the notebook you keep beside your bed.


Don’t worry, be happy

Craving a snack before bedtime? Bananas contain tryptophan, which stimulates the production of serotonin. That's the neurotransmitter that helps you fall asleep and wake up in a great mood the next morning. A cup of warm milk mixed with honey and cardamom has the same effect. According to Ayurvedic principles, this recipe may even be one of the best prescriptions for a restful sleep.


Soulful multitasking

Integrate a moment of soulfulness into your evening routine. It can be anything. Try brushing your teeth intentionally because…why not? Take a moment in the shower to breath in the scent of your soap. Before getting under the covers, try simply sitting and reflecting on your day.


Try these tips and get a good night’s sleep, even during the warmer summer months. Sleep tight!