How to have a good hair day, whatever the weather

When it comes to winter, extreme weather and our hair don’t always play nice. Whether it’s a blustery, rainy or sub-zero day, our strands can suffer. Which is why we called on three hairstylists to share their top tips for keeping your style intact and your strands soft and shiny whatever the forecast. Keep reading for the best ways to weather-proof your hair.

1. Treat your hair like your skin

Just as our skin can dry out during the winter months, thanks to the arctic temperatures outside and central heating inside, so can our hair. “It’s so important to protect the ends of your hair,” says Karine. “This section of the hair needs the most moisture and is the area most likely to fade with colour.”

“I recommend leave-in conditioners and creams as these are great for adding moisture and protecting from the weather.” Also, be sure to factor a weekly mask into your routine like the Intense Nutrition Hair Mask.


“Adding a little bit of gel all over the hair gives it a coating, which protects your strands when heading outside in the rain, wind or snow. If your hair gets wet after applying gel, let it settle and then brush it out,” adds Karine. Try The Ritual of Samurai Gel-wax.


2. Go with the wind

On windy days, Michael Bozina, Director at Gina Conway Aveda Salon and Spas, recommends you just go with it! “Try messy, textured hair in windy conditions so it looks good even when windswept,” he says. Think wavy half-up hairstyles or prettily dishevelled updos.


“Top knots are definitely in season and are wind proof!” notes Karine. “If you’d prefer to have your hair down, loosely wrap the band round the top knot so once you’re out of the wind you can let it fall into a beautiful wave.”


3. Wear your hair up

When it’s raining or blowing a gale outside, style your hair accordingly. “For strong weather conditions, the best way to protect your hair is with a good updo,” says Nikita Fisher, Artistic Director, Jamie Stevens Clapham. “My go-to styles are: sleek ponytails, top knots, buns and braids.” Sleeker, pulled-in hairstyles are more likely to stay intact whatever the weather.


4. Use extra strong hairspray

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend styling your hair, windy days can wreak havoc. “In the wind, I would 100% recommend using extra strong hairspray, as this will keep your hair in place as much as possible,” advises Karine Jackson, founder of Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty. Try securing your style with Fixating Hairspray. The spray’s UV-filter and vitamin E also protect your hair against the negative influences of UV-rays and free radicals, ensuring that your hair feels as good as it looks.


5. Wear a headband

It’s often the front of your hair that can end up looking most dishevelled by the weather, and accessories are your friend when it comes to keeping hair neat whilst also embellishing your outfit. “Headbands are really fashionable at the moment and are great for a wintery look,” says Michael. Alternatively, try tucking the fronts of your hair behind your ears and securing in place with a decorative hair clip.


6. Combat static hair with spray

On colder days, if your hair is feeling dry or static, Nikita recommends using sea salt spray or dry shampoo as this will help you style and protect the hair in unruly weather conditions. Try the Refreshing Dry Shampoo.

Laura Wabeke

Laura Wabeke

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