This is how to boost your emotions with the power of perfume

From feelings of confidence to comfort, this is the smart way to use fragrance to strengthen your mood


More than just a scented accessory, fragrance has the power to change or intensify our emotions. Did you know that 75% of human emotions are based on what we smell, rather than what we see or hear? In our brains, scent is processed in the olfactory bulb and that information is passed on to the limbic system, including the amygdala - an area that deals with emotions. We also know that fragrance has a bearing on the hippocampus region, where memories are processed and stored. This explains why some scents can so viscerally transport us back in time to poignant or precious moments - childhood holidays at the seaside, weekends spent with grandparents or our wedding day. 


This stronghold that fragrance has over us is partly why companies now use scent to entice customers in. Whether it’s an energising aroma being pumped out of a store entrance where they want you to shop ‘til you drop, or a sweet, comforting interior perfume wafting through the reception of a luxury hotel, the power of fragrance is all around.


So, if brands are using fragrance to make us act a certain way, why not use scent to conjure up the emotions you really want to feel? From confident to comforted, we have pulled together the positive emotions we could all do with enhancing from time to time and how to do it with a simple spritz.


Fragrance to feel confident

It’s easy for nerves to get the better of us; sweaty palms, heart racing, dry mouth. In these instances, look to woody fragrances that will help you feel calm and grounded. Sandalwood and cedarwood are your friend when you want to balance those nervous emotions. Try our L’Eclat eau de parfum with sandalwood, or turbo charge your day with The Ritual of Mehr shower foam including cedarwood and zesty sweet orange. Got a presentation where your brain needs to be firing on all cylinders? Studies show that rosemary increases memory, ideal if that presentation requires you to know your stuff by heart. Slather on The Ritual of Hammam body cream which contains, you guessed it, rosemary.


Fragrance to feel relaxed

We all know that lavender is a go-to when you need to relax, that’s why it features in our The Ritual of Jing pillow mist. But did you know that marine notes, inspired by the sea have a relaxing effect on us too? Water has long been known to calm us and aquatic fragrances, that conjure visions of free-flowing waves, trickling streams and crystal-clear waters, are the perfect go-to when you want to chill out. We have two water-inspired fragrances to choose from: Bleu Byzantin and Océan Infini.


Fragrance to feel comforted

Vanilla is comforting, studies prove it, but we also know that just from experience. Vanilla is the flavour we are often drawn to as children when we’re offered an ice cream cone and its tell-tale sweet taste can even be detected in breast milk. In fact, sweet and creamy aromas like chocolate and caramel all have a comforting role. Rêve de Hanami has a dry down of subtle vanilla.


However, not everyone loves a sweet perfume. Other times of comfort are in the bath or when we slide into fresh, clean sheets, which could explain why soapy scents also lend a sensorial hug of comfort. The Ritual of Karma body mist with white tea and lotus flower has a wonderful fresh scent.


Fragrance to feel energised

Nothing energises body and mind quite like citrus. Whether it’s lemon, orange or grapefruit, a zesty fragrance will help you kickstart your day or mist away that 4pm slump (no nap required). Keep The Ritual of Mehr sparkling hair & body mist close at hand for when you need a pick-me-up. Beyond citrus, refreshing mint also has the power to boost your mood and give you that oomph you need.


Fragrance to evoke memories

Scent has the power to manipulate and ignite our emotions. From the beachy suncream scent associated with a holiday to the perfume your mother wore when you were a child, we often relate scent directly to a memory or a moment in time. Dr Rachel Hertz examines in her book The Scent of Desire. (HarperCollins, 2007) how "scents can alter our emotions and moods more than any other sensory experience". This due to "the unique connection in the brain where scent, emotion, memories and associations are processed".  


Want to create new emotions through scent? Patchouli is both earthy and sweet, making it a distinctive and unforgettable aroma. For a genderless fragrance to bottle your memories, you could opt for a perfume with green patchouli with an aroma that is as unforgettable as it is sensual. Discover our Oasis Verte eau de parfum.


Fragrance to feel happy

Since fragrance is so closely linked to emotions and memories, often the perfumes that make us feel truly happy are personal to us. It could be the scent of fig because it reminds you of an amazing holiday in the Mediterranean or of rose because your friend who always makes you laugh wears it. Want a joyful boost? Our fragrance Soleil d’Or is part of The Ritual of Karma collection that celebrates summer year-round and is inspired by that holiday feeling – guaranteed to make you smile.