5 easy vegan dinner recipes you can try tonight

Plant-based and packed with taste – if you need some dinner inspiration, here are five meat- and dairy-free dishes you should try.



Vegan cooking doesn’t mean boring food, in fact a vegan dinner can be downright delicious. Veggies are great at soaking up flavour and getting creative doesn’t always take hours of peeling and prepping. Whether you’ve been plant-based for years, or are testing it out for the first time, here’s five vegan recipes you’ve got to try.


Spiced black beans with veggies and tomato sauce

We all know that protein is the ultimate post-workout fuel but it is possible to pack in protein without loading up on meat. This delicious dish is bursting with ingredients that are high in protein and flavour. This is also a great one for batch cooking, and then serving with different sides throughout the week. Check out this vegan black bean dinner recipe.


Butternut squash salad with curly kale

Walnuts, thyme, kale – this vegan dinner recipe is bursting with goodness! The star of the show here is the butternut squash. Grilling this veg unleashes a sweet and smoky taste sensation that is perfectly complemented by the earthiness of the kale and the crunch of the walnut. Check out this healthy vegan dinner recipe.

Vegan Peking pancakes 

Entertaining guests? Here’s a dish that will really wow them. This vegan dinner recipe includes steps for making your own pancakes, sauce and filling. For anyone that says vegan cooking is boring, give them one bite of your homemade Peking pancake and watch them make a U-turn on that statement. Check out this vegan dinner recipe, that will wow your guests.


Cauliflower and chickpea patties

If you’re craving a burger, this is a great meat-free alternative. These patties will leave you nice and full and are high in fibre and vitamin B. You can whack these vegan patties in a bun with vegan cheese or serve them with a side salad for a lighter meal. Check out this vegan dinner recipe.


Yellow lentil dahl

The perfect dish for a cold evening, this vegan dahl is packed with warming spices. The lime, coriander and cashew nut garnish give this bowl an extra boost, leaving you with a spoonful of phenomenal flavour. This is one of those simple soothing dishes that really spice up a weeknight – a must-try! Check out this vegan lentil dahl dinner recipe.

Jessy Deans

Jessy Deans

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