Simplify your life with these basic routines

The famed philosopher Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

And we couldn’t agree more. If you’re wanting to create more balance in your life, forming healthy habits and routines are definitely the way to go. That’s why we’ve assembled a list of some basic yet effective routines you can start practicing at home today.

Become a morning person

We can already hear you groaning and hitting the snooze button, but wait a second. Morning routines are proven to boost your concentration and your mood, giving you the energy to face any challenge the day brings. Here are some simple things you can do in the morning as part of your new routine:

Greet the sun with yoga. Yes, you knew yoga was going to be at the top of our list, but the emotional and physical benefits are just too important to ignore. By turning an occasional yoga practice into a daily routine, you’re uniting body, soul, and mind first thing in the morning—what could be better than that?

Eat a healthy breakfast. We’re not suggesting a complicated, labour-intensive meal every morning. As long as you’re taking the time to get your essential vitamins and nutrients every day, your immune system will strengthen and you’ll simply feel better. Not convinced you have the time? Check out this delicious and easy breakfast smoothie recipe.

Meditate the morning fog away. Who has the time to sit still for 45 minutes and essentially ‘do nothing’ in the morning? Not a lot of people, for sure. But that’s okay, because you can actually get the mind-clearing and balancing effects of meditation in as little as 10 minutes.

A self-care routine a day keeps the doctor away

Many of us have more than just ourselves to look after, and we often find ourselves struggling to make time that’s just for us. That’s where self-care comes in—because you can’t recharge others if your own battery is empty. We recommend the Ayurvedic practice of Abhyanga, or self-massage. If you take a few minutes out of your day to do this, you’ll stimulate blood flow and lower stress levels, just to name a few positive benefits.

Another tool in the Ayurvedic toolbox is dry-brushing. Doing this each day won’t just make you feel amazing, it will also result in the most radiant complexion you’ve ever had.


Nightly routines for sweet dreams

Sure, you’re already brushing your teeth and setting out your clothes for the next day, but expanding your nightly routine to include more uplifting activities will improve your sleep quality.

Read a chapter from a good book right before bed. Reading has a lot of amazing influences on our mood and health. (Although it’s tempting to watch some mindless show on TV instead, making a daily habit of reading before bed is much more relaxing for body and mind.

Write an entry in your gratitude journal. Particularly on those less-than-amazing days, reminding yourself of the things you are thankful for before bedtime will help you fall asleep with a positive attitude. Doing this daily also teaches you the powerful lesson that every new day can be a fresh start.

Practice Nidra yoga. That’s right: yoga is such a wonderful addition to your daily routine that we’re recommending it twice. Nidra, otherwise known as “yogic sleep”, is a sequence designed to soothe mind, body and soul before sleep. Doing this every day can train your brain and muscles to enter a supremely relaxed state, ensuring quality sleep.

Try implementing some of these routines into everyday life and you’ll notice how much more balanced and relaxed you feel.