How to give your home an energy detox

“Energy is all around us, so in the same way that our dining table and phones are energy, so are we,” says Giselle La Pompe-Moore, spiritual guide, meditation teacher and founder of Project Ajna. “Energy is what connects everything on the planet and, as it's our life source, we want to ensure that energy is moving in a free-flowing way both inside and outside of our bodies for optimal well-being.


 “Much like ourselves, our homes are like a cup that can get filled with our emotions, the experiences that we bring into the space, other people's energy and the energy that we pick up from the outside world that we bring home with us,” says Giselle. “We can feel an energetic shift in our homes, when the air feels heavy, tense or stagnant or if we have been through a big life change such as moving house. We can often intuitively sense when the energy feels off.”


But this negative energy doesn’t have to sit and stagnate, below Giselle reveals five easy ways to give your house an energy detox and the happiness boost it needs to feel like home again.


Intention Setting

Always set an intention before you work with the energy of your space, you might want to release any stagnant energy or add more love and joy to your home. Take a moment to connect to yourself and say something such as, “I cleanse and release any energies that are no longer serving me and welcome in only the energies that are in my highest and greatest good," or "I clear any energies that are no longer in alignment and fill this space with joy."


Repeating these statements in different parts of your home will help to set an intention of change. You can also try setting intentions with this guided meditation.


Smoke Cleansing

You can light a dried herb and flower bundle or some incense and pass the smoke around your space while repeating an intention. Make sure you open up all of your doors and windows, so the energy you're releasing has somewhere to go. Mugwort, lavender, thyme, rosemary and basil work well for smoke cleansing, and they smell good too.


Crystal Shower

Had a bad day? Leave a selenite wand (known for its deeply calming influence) in your home by the front door. Give your aura a quick shower when you enter your home by waving the selenite wand around your body. As you do this, set the intention to clear any energy from the outside world that you don't want to bring in.


You can also place some chunks of black tourmaline and celestite around your home for protection and calm.


Never underestimate the power of visualisation. If the energy in your home doesn't feel right, find a comfortable space, close your eyes and ask for any energy that isn't benefiting your home to leave the space.


Take some deep breaths and imagine the energy leaving your home, think about how you would like your space to feel. Visualise a white light moving through all of the rooms in your house to keep everything in balance.


Create Sounds

Sound works really well for clearing energy, you can use crystal bowls, your voice, clapping, bells or drums. Walk around your space using the instrument of your choice to move the energy and enliven the space.