Get Out of "Work Mode" with Our Mini Mind & Body Masterclass

This month, meditation and yoga expert Deborah Quibell guides you through a series of yoga flows and guided mindful moments to help you switch off.


Whatever work looks like for you, it can be hard to switch off. Whether you have looming deadlines or a busy schedule ahead, downtime helps you to recharge your mental and physical batteries. To help you get out of “work mode” fast and effectively, yoga and meditation expert Deborah Quibell is sharing a series of yoga flows and meditations to help you switch off. Whether you want to loosen up your body from a day spent at a desk, or relieve stress quickly, there are two effective
yoga flows to help you unwind mentally and physically.


Then there are three meditation tracks: one to shift your mindset out of “work mode”; one created to melt stress after a particularly trying day, night or shift at work; and one to help you relax during your commute.


You can treat this as a 5-day mini masterclass trying a new meditation or yoga flow every day, or you can pick and choose what feels most relevant to what you need. Ready to switch off?


An introduction to switching off by Deborah

Shift your mindset out of “work mode”

A fast-acting moving meditation, this will help you transition from work to home life. “It can take time to close down from one thing and open ourselves up to something else, but meditation and movement can help,” says Deborah.


An introduction by Deborah



Shift your mindset out of “work mode” meditation

After-work desk detox flow

Want to undo the damage of sitting all day? Stretch and loosen your body with this 30-minute yoga flow that will leave you feeling brand-new.

Melt stress

If work is particularly stressful, this meditation will help release unwanted pressure and anxiety, whilst helping you to put work into perspective. “It’s really important not to let this stress accumulate, it’s important to have a practice to fall back on,” recommends Deborah. This colour-inspired mediation practice can be used over
and over to help melt stress.


An introduction by Deborah


Melt stress meditation


Slow down & restore balance

Bringing the focus out of your mind and towards your body and breathing can help to reduce stress and get you into a more relaxed mindset. This yoga flow does just that.


Switch off whilst commuting

“Ah, the dreaded commute! Yes, it’s true our commute can be incredibly stressful but let’s see it as an opportunity to shift away from work and into a more fluid state of mind,” says Deborah. Whether by foot, train, car or bike, this meditation gets you out of your head and uses the power of awareness and affirmations to help you get mentally ready for home time.


An introduction by Deborah



Guided commuting meditation


Amy Lawrenson

Amy Lawrenson

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