A loving-kindness meditation we all need to try

Have you ever heard of Metta meditation? This loving-kindness meditation is a popular self-care technique that has many health benefits for your mind and soul. Those who regularly practice this meditation are able to increase their capacity for forgiveness, connection to others, self-acceptance, boost their wellbeing and reduce stress.


Metta is associated with a type of meditation practice in which one silently recites uplifting mantras that are designed to open the heart and cultivate a friendly attitude towards oneself and towards others. Create a peaceful atmosphere for yourself to calm down your heartbeat and being present in the moment. Be kind to yourself by sitting down in a comfortable position and allow yourself a couple of minutes to ground. Close your eyes, relax your muscles, and take a few deep breaths and repeat three or four positive, reassuring phrases to yourself. Some examples of metta meditation phrases include:

“May I be safe, peaceful, and free of suffering.”

“May I be happy. May I be healthy.”

“May you be strong and confident.”


While you say these phrases out loud, allow yourself to sink into the intentions they express. Loving-kindness meditation consists primarily of connecting to the intention of wishing ourselves or others happiness. Try it for yourself, click on our meditation and experience complete physical and emotional wellness and inner peace.


This summer, invite kindness into your life, share it with others and discover how to treat the world with kindness too. Visit our Kindness Community page and explore a wealth of content that will inspire positivity and good vibes for yourself, others and the world.


Anouk Ballering

Anouk Ballering

Anouk Ballering is a storyteller at heart with 5 years of experience in PR. By creating stories and activations that are relatable and relevant she has revealed the soul of luxurious lifestyle brands including the W Hotel, VICE, de Bijenkorf and Timberland. When she is not doing HIIT or Rocycle, you can find her on a yoga mat. She is passionate about yoga and living mindfully, because she believes that we all need some well-deserved balance in our lives to be the best version of ourselves.