Awaken body and mind with this energising yoga flow

Recharge your battery with this flow full of backbends, dynamic twists and a unique breathing technique.

With the increase of light, energy awakens. This not only happens in nature with the lighter days and flourishing of nature (hello, spring), but you can also sense it in your body. 


This yoga practice helps to energise body, mind and soul by focusing on coordinating your breath with your movement. The combination of dynamic spinal twists with breath helps to clear the energetic channels of the central body. A strong backbend called “Camel Pose” reduces cervical tension and improves posture and mobility, leaving you feeling recharged and ready to go. 


And have you ever heard of “breath of fire”? This unique breathing technique - inspired by Kundalini yoga - expands lung capacity, strengthens vital strength and increases resistance to stress. This powerful breath is rhythmic and consists of short strong exhales and passive inhales. It’s a natural way to release fatigue, tension and negativity from the body and embrace positive energy. Get ready to step off the mat feeling like your best most energetic self.

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Deborah Quibell

Deborah Quibell

Professional writer, healer and teacher Deborah Anne Quibell believes passionately in breathing grounded knowledge from scholarly pursuits into the fields of yoga and spirituality. A senior instructor for the Institute for Inner Studies, she holds a PhD in Depth Psychology and teaches Pranic Healing as well as yoga and meditation in studio, corporate and online environments.