A guided body scan meditation for relaxation & stress relief

Take a break from your busy daily routine and breathe away your stress and tension. Not sure how? Let our expert Deborah Quibell guide you to a state of deep relaxation with this 10-minute body scan meditation.


A body scan meditation is about moving your attention from body part to body part—from the top of your head to the tip of your toes—and spending a few deep breaths there. It’s a great way to strengthen your ability to direct your attention, while also checking whether you’re holding any tension anywhere in your body.


If you are holding tension in any particular part of your body, Deborah will teach you how to use your breath to release that tension. Whether you’re new to the whole thing or a seasoned meditator, this simple yet powerful meditation practice is a great technique to combat stress and relax the body, mind & soul.





Deborah Quibell

Deborah Quibell

Professional writer, healer and teacher Deborah Anne Quibell believes passionately in breathing grounded knowledge from scholarly pursuits into the fields of yoga and spirituality. A senior instructor for the Institute for Inner Studies, she holds a PhD in Depth Psychology and teaches Pranic Healing as well as yoga and meditation in studio, corporate and online environments.