3 calming meditations if the news is making you anxious

If you’re feeling anxious right now, we get it. World affairs filtered through the lens of news media and a never-ending stream of social posts can cause anyone’s nerves to fray. And often, in times like these, it doesn’t matter how much action you take, some things are just completely out of your control. That’s where meditation can really help to calm the mind and settle the body and soul.


We have rounded up 3 of our most powerfully calming meditations that can help during times of stress and anxiety, whether you are finding it hard to fall asleep, you want to remember there are things to be grateful for or you’re lacking much-needed energy.  


Calming meditation for sleep 

Does your mind constantly whir and chatter away when your head hits the pillow? You’re not alone. First of all, keep a notepad and pen by your bed so you can write down anything your mind is telling you that you need to do or not forget. Next, try this meditation designed to help you drift off into a deep sleep with ease.


Calming meditation for gratitude 

When the world is in turmoil, we tend to feel guilty for being okay. But practicing gratitude can help you become more resilient, more compassionate, giving you the strength to stand up for what’s right and to support people whether near or far. Try this joyful gratitude meditation today.


Calming meditation for energy 

We know, it sounds counterintuitive to have a calming meditation for more energy, but we’re not talking frantic, chaotic energy, we mean the sort of sustained energy that helps you to get out of bed, face the day head on and get things done. Try this morning meditation and you’ll see what we mean.


Anna Scott Miller

Anna Scott Miller

After an intensive yoga teacher training at Delight Yoga Amsterdam, among others, Anna Scott Miller teaches Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha Yoga at Delight Yoga, Equal Yoga, the New Yogaschool and Yoga Academy Netherlands (YAN). Interested in living more mindfully? Then Anna is your go-to yogi. She has a lot of experience in teaching meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Yoga Nidra. What she really loves to do in her spare time? Being out in nature, bouldering, seeing friends and taking the time for self-development. Oh! And travelling. Every year she visits her yoga teachers in Bali and India.