How to create your own home meditation space

You gather around the kitchen table to eat breakfast in the morning; your bedroom is an oasis of calm to promote good sleep. Like eating and sleeping, meditation deserves its own place in your house—a space dedicated to mindfulness and relaxation. Here’s 4 simple tips to create the ideal meditation area in your home.


1. Choose a spot that fills you with happiness

Maybe your house is small, and you can only designate a corner of a room for meditation. Or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have an entire room in which to get centered each day. Whatever your situation, the space should inspire a happy feeling within you. Consider things like light, noise and general traffic inside your home. You want it to be quiet and peaceful, so the more private the space, the better.


2. Personalise your meditation room to soothe the senses

This is your space to reflect and focus on yourself—your meditation area should mirror that. Most people find candles add to a relaxing atmosphere, for example. Scented candles are an especially good idea because the act of lighting a candle is a small, calming procedure and its aroma also has a positive affect on your mood. You should also feel free to decorate the walls of your space with things that you associate with inner peace. If the ocean relaxes you, hang pictures of seascapes.



3. Display your meditation accessories

While it’s true that the only thing you need for meditation is yourself, many people like to use a cushion to ensure optimal comfort while they’re doing their practice. If you use beads or a singing bowl, also display these items prominently in your meditation area. This puts a claim on the environment and reminds you and others that this is a scared space meant for mindfulness.


4. Bring the outside inside

Nature and meditation go together like Buddha and his belly, so keep this in mind when you’re setting up your space. The effect of nature on our minds and body is undeniable so placing things like houseplants, seashells from the beach or even a small water feature in your meditation space will definitely perfect the atmosphere.


If you keep these hints in mind when creating your own meditation space, a sense of peace and balance will wash over you whenever you enter it. Where there is outer harmony, inner harmony is soon to follow. So design your own environment, breathe deeply, and start experiencing the essential connection between mind, body and soul.