Your next great escape is just an inhale away

By now we’ve almost gotten used to some of the restrictions we have to live with. Be it working from home or sticking closer to our own backyards when it comes to travelling and exploring. However, this doesn’t mean our summer should be any less intriguing or fun. If you can’t travel in person, you can still take a journey with your sense of scent. Let your nose transport you to luscious green forests, glittering oceans or frosty cold mountains – it’s all within your reach. 


Smell is one of the senses that connects us to the outside world and can even take us on quite some emotive journeys. How is that possible, you may wonder? Well, your sense of smell is powerful enough to evoke long-forgotten memories because emotions, smells and memories are processed by the same part of the brain. This harmony in your brain’s anatomy results in an intimate connection between these three. With that in mind, allow the following fragrances to whisk you away to corners of the world unseen, or familiar places in a trip down memory lane.


1. Travel to the Mediterranean with eucalyptus and rosemary

Breathe in deeply, close your eyes…are you picturing it yet? Can you see the steam rise up around you? Can you feel your pores open up with fresh, aromatic vapours? This is what eucalyptus conjures up for most people: the famous Hammam spas. Both eucalyptus and rosemary are also known for their soothing benefits, so they're great to use when you need to take a moment for yourself and re-centre yourself.


Did you know, rosemary was used as a memory booster in ancient times? Today you can use it to think back to delicious dishes, served with the freshest herbs on the warmest most fragrant terraces in the Mediterranean.


2. Ultimate beach day with bergamot and holy lotus

Can you hear the wind and seagulls? Can you feel the ocean water lap at your toes? Don’t pack for a day at the beach with zesty fragrances like bergamot, entrancing musk and dewy ocean breezes – perhaps even a touch of magnolia or jasmine. Let these sunny floral and herbal fragrances transport you to a day at the beach in the height of summer.


3. Venture into the tropics with frangipani and Indian rose

Ah, the dark, mystical and alluring call of lush jungles, tall mountains and Caribbean coasts. Think juicy fruits and the wafting scents exotic flowers. The tropics are exciting, beautiful, and so much more, who wouldn't want to explore those terrains? Think frangipani, orchids, almond blossoms and lilies, to evoke the almost sultry scent of the wildest florals bursting out of the jungle foliage. Or head up the mountains in India with delicate Indian rose or earthy notes of vetiver.


4. Explore the desert sands of Africa and the Middle East

With deep notes of oud, explore the mystery and beauty of the Middle East. Envelop yours senses in spicy pink peppers and saffron, and image yourself trekking up and over the desert dunes. Tilt your face to the sun and bask in its warm rays as you breathe in the scent of incense, cardamom spices or warm notes of golden amber. Look to deep orientals, earthy sandalwoods and cedar wood to help you transport your imagination to the busy beehive-activity of the Soukh, and just breathe deeply.


5. Round trip to Asia, please

We just can't leave the world-famous Japanese cherry blossom off this list. Besides being a wonderfully soft and beautiful fragrance, this is a vision that is a real feast for the eyes as well. It's no wonder many cities around the world are replicating the cherry blossoms orchards of the land of the rising sun. If that’s too feminine and floral for you, try to transport the senses using herbaceous scents like the yuzu fruit and lemongrass, the soul-warming star that is ginger, or pick the milder florals of jujube and holy lotus.


Looking for another way to travel with your senses? Get comfortable, close your eyes, and get carried away by this calming beach meditation.


Happy travels, everybody.