Dive into nature: 9 natural swimming pools around the world

The majority of the planet is made of water: it covers around 70% of the earth. During vacation we love to dive into the sea, but did you know that there are also many natural swimming pools to be found in some really surprising places? We’ve selected 9 of the most beautiful examples, so get ready to add them to your bucket list!



Ik Kil - Mexico

Just a stone’s throw from world-famous Chichén Itzá, one of the most important ancient Mayan cities, you’ll find the cenote Ik Kil—a naturally-formed pit filled with water. Once used as a Mayan site for sacred ceremonies, this beautiful site is now a public swimming pool.



Fairy Pool - Scotland

Although it requires an intense walk, the views make every step of the journey worth it. Eventually you’ll reach Fairy Pool, an ice cold (after all, it is Scotland) and crystal-clear pond that makes for most beautiful photos.



Rio Celeste – Costa Rica

Someone once described this place in Costa Rica as “just like a fairy tale.” The turquoise blue water, caused by the volcanic minerals originating from the stones underneath, is reason enough to visit this gorgeous area.



Kuang Si Watervallen – Laos

In the middle of Laos, somewhere near a branch of the famous Mekong River, you’ll find the breath-taking Kuang Si Waterfalls. You’re allowed to swim in certain parts of the waterfalls, and there’s even various facilities present to make your visit as pleasant as possible. It’s so incredible that we even featured it in The Ritual of Banyu campaign.



The Blue Caves - Griekenland

Zakynthos: a lot of people already know that this is a terrific place to stay, but what are the real highlights? The Blue Caves certainly fit the bill, are easy to visit with a (boat) tour and are ideal for a good dive or for snorkeling.



Marble Quarries of Carrara - Chile

We have to admit: even if you’re already in Chile, this place isn’t exactly easy to reach. But these caves, formed by thousands of years of powerful waves, are something you absolutely do not want to miss when you’re visiting the South American country. Don’t just take our word for it—let this photo convince you.



Melissani Cave- Greece

Yet another highlight of Greece: the Melissani Cave. Surrounded by trees and mountains, this cave is perfect for an out of the ordinary swimming experience. Thanks to the sunlight, the colour of the crystal-clear water changes continuously from green to blue and back again.



The Grand Cenote – Mexico

The Grand Cenote, in the Mexican town of Tulum, really lives up to its name. You have to see it to believe it, with all the different ponds and the particularly impressive underwater views. The countless turtles and fish, combined with the stalacites and staglemites, make this a beautiful place to visit.



Figure 8 Pool – Australia

No, you can’t swim extensive laps here, but the unique form of this natural swimming pool—a figure 8—wins it a place on this list. Plan around 3 hours to get there, and once you’ve arrived, you can swim as many “8’s” as you want.