Why community parks benefit everyone's well-being

Modern life has turned us into busy people with busy jobs in busy cities. And while urban life can be vibrant and exciting, it can also be stressful. That’s why it’s important to escape the noisy concrete jungle from time to time, swapping it for the tranquility of nature. To do so, you don’t have to leave the city. Simply turn your lunch break at work into a restorative getaway by going for a stroll in a community park.


There are lots of benefits to spending your lunch break in the park instead of at your desk. Walking among the trees can boost your concentration and sharpen your mind. Listening to the chirping birds, the rustling wind and the quiet trickling of a fountain can inspire fresh ideas. But more importantly, a walk through the park can deeply relax and restore you.


In a world that is becoming increasingly urban, public parks are a lot more than pretty scenery—they are a source of well-being. They are a place of rest, a refuge from the relentless pace of city life. Science shows that spending time in them can do incredible things for the mental and physical well-being of city dwellers. Studies have linked urban green spaces to stress reduction, higher levels of happiness, and even pain relief and longevity.


The world’s most beautiful public parks

Community parks can be found in cities everywhere, but there are some parks that rise above all others. Here are 3 of the most stunning urban parks across the world.


1. Ibirapuera Park – São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo’s beautiful Parque do Ibirapuera, or Ibirapuera Park, is a haven of calm in the heart of city. Amid the towering skyscrapers and the crazy traffic, the park offers a quiet refuge with dreamy stretches of green grass, wooded areas, lakes, gardens, walking and cycling trails, sports courts, and even an aquarium.


2. Shinjuku Gyoen – Tokyo, Japan

Located at a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of vibrant Tokyo, Shinjuku Gyoen is a true oasis. It’s a large park with lush lawns, flowers, ponds and a traditional Japanese tea house. Shinjuku Gyoen is especially stunning in spring, when the blossoming cherry trees colour the park in all shades of white and pink.


3. Buttes-Chaumont Park – Paris, France

The Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is a beautiful public park in the hilly northeastern part of Paris. Beloved by locals yet relatively undiscovered by tourists, it’s a hidden gem. With its dizzying ravines, cliffs, bridges and a grotto with a waterfall, the park offers breathtaking landscapes and gorgeous views of the city.