Get ready to sleep with this dreamy yoga flow

Wind down from the day and prepare your body and mind for a good night’s rest with this relaxing flow.  


A soft, slow practice, this flow is designed to help you wind down from the day and prepares your body and mind for sleep.  


How many evenings do you find yourself lying in bed, mind whirring, waiting for sleep to come? Our days can often feel overwhelming or chaotic, so we often find ourselves in need of help to transition from an active state of being to a passive state of rest. Restorative postures like supta baddha konasana (reclining cobber’s pose) and child’s pose stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. Simply put, this means that you tell your body everything is okay, and that it can relax. You’ll likely experience an overall feeling of tension release and calmness. 


Making time for a short yoga practice, like this one, before bed can help you slow down and ease into a state of rest, preparing you for a great night’s sleep. 


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Deborah Quibell

Deborah Quibell

Professional writer, healer and teacher Deborah Anne Quibell believes passionately in breathing grounded knowledge from scholarly pursuits into the fields of yoga and spirituality. A senior instructor for the Institute for Inner Studies, she holds a PhD in Depth Psychology and teaches Pranic Healing as well as yoga and meditation in studio, corporate and online environments.