A grounding Vata yoga sequence

The core elements of the Vata dosha are space and air. Yoga will help you balance and ground your energy, which plays an important role in creating emotional stability for those who embody the Vata dosha type. Practicing the correct yoga poses will help create peace and tranquility in your daily life.

In this video our yoga expert, Laura, will explain which poses are most appropriate for the Vata dosha, and how you can ease this sequence into your routine to balance the unpredictable qualities we sometimes encounter in life.




Laura van Ree

After following a Hatha teaching course in India, philosopher, model and yoga teacher Laura van Ree continues to grow within the realms of Yin and Vinyasa yoga. Recently she moved to Ibiza where she translates her view on life and way of living into yoga lessons. In her eyes, yoga is a positive outlet that adds discipline, well-being and tranquility to her daily routines