How to become the best version of yourself

The best version of yourself—how do you become that? Having a positive attitude and making small, simple changes is a good start. Live in the moment and enjoy everything life has to offer. We give you a few tips to help you maintain a positive attitude and live a more soulful life.

Take a positive attitude and achieve positive results

Most people are happiest when they have a loving relationship, a good job and a higher income. But none of these things are necessary to attain true happiness. People from all over the world and all walks of life identify themselves as being happy, even without those three things. How is that possible? The answer is actually quite simple: happy people have one thing in common—namely, a positive attitude. How do they do this? By living in the moment as much as possible, embracing change, daring to take risks and being grateful. If you do these things, you’ll notice your life looking up almost immediately.

Get fit while having fun

A better mood, more energy, quality sleep and an improved immune system—working up a sweat has quite a few benefits. Though many of us are too tired to think about going to the gym after a long work day. Fortunately, you’re probably moving around a lot without even realising it. Walking or biking to work, grocery shopping, playing with the kids…it might not feel like working out, but your body is in constant motion. Try to take the long, leisurely way to work: you’ll move more while enjoying a completely new environment.

Easy meditations that fit any schedule

Meditation is one of the first things we skip whenever we’re short on time. Pity, because meditation—in all its forms-- has many benefits. It positively influences your health, improves your focus, reduces stress and boosts your self-esteem. Meditation helps you learn to live in the here and now and to see things as they truly are. Take time every day for meditation, even if it’s just 10, 5 or even 2 minutes. Even brushing your teeth can provide a moment of meditation!

Declutter your life and uplift your soul

We live in hectic times, and because of that, it’s extra important that our house is a place where our soul finds peace. One way you can do this is to rid it of unnecessary things that clutter your living space. In her book Spark Joy, organization expert Mari Kondo describes her unique method for decluttering. By holding each item against your chest and asking yourself, “does this spark joy?” you make the decision to keep or throw something away much easier. For more information and tips about decluttering, check out our article here

Embrace what you like

Our lives are full of obligations, and therefore it’s important that we take the time to do things that we actually enjoy. It not only makes you feel happier, it also keeps you healthy and productive. Doing something you like energises you, making it easier to get through your daily to-do list. Make a list of activities you enjoy and schedule time for them. You’ll notice that you’re feeling more content just by planning them in.


Your body, your soul, your rituals…

Daily routines come in all shapes and sizes. They give us energy, help us live more mindfully and even stimulate our creativity. They offer a moment of peace in the chaos of everyday life, which is good for both body and soul. After a busy week, it’s wonderful to do some yoga or to transform your bathroom into a home spa. Routines create stability and keep us in balance—they help us stay grounded in a world that is constantly moving.


Just try it. If you follow the above tips, you’ll notice that you’re feeling much more positive and are in a better state to enjoy the little moments of happiness life has to offer.