Open your heart chakra on Valentine's Day with this guided meditation

Here is a little way to nurture more self-acceptance, kindness, compassion but most of all: love. With this meditation we open the heart chakra (or Anahata in Sanskrit) to cultivate love for ourselves and the world around us. It’s the 4th chakra, located at the center of the spine and associated with the color green. This energy point for love and compassion is the place where the physical and spiritual come together.


Those with an open, well-balanced heart chakra are full of love, forgiveness, and compassion. So let’s open the chakra together and start on the path to healing and self-love.


Get in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and bring your awareness to universal love in all the shapes and sizes. Here we go...


Anouk Ballering

Anouk Ballering

Anouk Ballering is a storyteller at heart with 5 years of experience in PR. By creating stories and activations that are relatable and relevant she has revealed the soul of luxurious lifestyle brands including the W Hotel, VICE, de Bijenkorf and Timberland. When she is not doing HIIT or Rocycle, you can find her on a yoga mat. She is passionate about yoga and living mindfully, because she believes that we all need some well-deserved balance in our lives to be the best version of ourselves.