Mindful manicure: 4 easy steps towards softer hands

It’s all written in your hands: your life experiences, your personality, and the connections you build with the rest of the world. Caring for your hands on a daily basis not only gives you soft skin, it also provides an opportunity to build deeper with yourself. Here’s how creating your own hand care routine can benefit you, inside and out. 


Next time you feel the urge to schedule a manicure, slow down and think again. Rituals has everything you need to keep your skin beautiful and healthy, and you’ll find it’s much more meaningful when you take matters into your own hands.


1. Scrub the old day away

Just like the rest of your body, the skin on your hands can become rough, dry and in need of rejuvenation. For instantly younger-looking skin, use a hand scrub containing nourishing oils to make room for new cells. Massage it into your skin in circular motions and then rinse off to reveal softer, more radiant skin. Revel in the pleasant sensation and reflect on the importance of taking care of yourself—you won’t get that at a nail salon.


2. Moisturising luxury at your fingertips

Once the old skin cells have been removed, it’s time to nourish the new skin and lock in moisture. While it may be tempting to use your standard body cream, it’s better to choose a balm designed specifically for your hands. After all, they are exposed to the elements and in use more often than the rest of your body. If you’re the outdoorsy type, using a hand balm with SPF is always a good idea.  


3. File with flair

Your manicurist might do it faster, but filing your own nails can be a moment of meditation. Invest in a quality nail file to smooth away rough edges and shape your nails exactly the way you like them. Afterwards, use a nail polisher to achieve a gorgeous, healthy shine. When you glance down at your handiwork throughout the day, you’ll be reminded that self-care has never looked so good.


4. Show your true colours

Nail polish is an excellent way to express yourself. Whether you’re coordinating it with your lipstick, your outfit or even the seasons, Rituals has an extensive assortment of hues to make your hands pop. To guarantee a long-lasting effect, apply a nail primer before your polish and finish off by adding a top coat. The final step in your hand care routine adds a splash of colour to your life.


Proper hand care is essential, and offers a unique chance to add some moments of meaning to your daily routine. Cancel your appointment at the nail salon and don’t let it slip through your fingers.