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Feel like your life lacks meaning or direction? Critically acclaimed, life-changing coach Ani Naqvi is here to help you discover your purpose.  

What is your purpose in life? It’s a big question. If you don’t know how to answer it – you’re in the right place. Our masterclass, with purpose expert Ani Naqvi, will help you discover what makes your heart beat faster so you can live a life with more meaning.  


Living life with purpose gives you direction, it helps you wake up in the morning feeling determined, positive and enthusiastic about your day and life in general. In times of difficulty, it can be the shining light that guides you through. If you ever feel lost, unsure about your choices or dissatisfied with life in general – discovering your purpose is your key to fixing that. Our masterclass is designed to take you on an eye-opening journey, to find out what excites you the most and fill your life with purpose.   

What to expect? 

This masterclass guides you through four topics: 


What is purpose?  

Purpose - what does it mean and what can it do for you? 

Why you might be feeling a lack of purpose – and how to change that. 


How to find your purpose

No idea what you want from life? This is how to find your purpose and start making it happen

Inspirational stories: How I found my purpose 


From purpose to success

How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable (and build a mindset for success) 

How to plan for a year filled with purpose 


The purpose check-up  

Your purpose in life can change. Here are 4 signs yours has. 


Whilst ‘purpose’ is a word that is thrown around often, so many people have got the definition wrong. With the help of our expert Ani, this masterclass will help you dive into what purpose means in a way that’s unique and individual to you. We are going to give you plenty of tricks and tools to discover what lights your fire, a plan to help you have your most meaningful year and even a check-up you can use for the rest of your life.  

Meet our expert Ani Naqvi

Ani’s coaching journey began after she survived the 2004 Asian tsunami and appeared on Oprah to talk about why she’d been saved when almost a quarter million others died. Her survivor’s guilt led her to search for her purpose which she eventually discovered was to help others find theirs. With 15 years as a C-suite executive and seven as a full-time accredited coach, Ani is on a personal mission to help a quarter of a million people find their purpose and live their lives with joy – and now, she’s here to help you too. 


“As someone who felt a sense of disconnect and lack of meaning and purpose in life prior to the 2004 tsunami, surviving this catastrophic event when almost a quarter of a million died, was the catalyst for me searching for that purpose,” explains our expert Ani Naqvi. “I pledged to Oprah, I knew I had been saved for a purpose and it would become clear as time went on. It took a few years to discover what that was but once I found that purpose it now serves as my north star and guides everything I do in my life.” Wondering if you are already living life with purpose? Ani has created a quiz on her website to reveal your score out of 100, click here to take it. 


This purpose masterclass includes:  

7 articles 

5 videos

2 hypnotherapy session

3 downloadable worksheets 


Let’s get started!  


This article is part of our How to Find Your Purpose masterclass, a series of articles and videos designed to help you live a life with more meaning. If you want to start debunking the myths around purpose, reveal what makes your heart beat faster and bring more joy into your life, you can find the rest of the content here 



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