Surround yourself in positive energy with our immersive soundscape​

Composed to uplift you, sit back, relax and listen while a burst of positive energy washes over you – it’s meditation 2.0.


Meditation is great, it’s proven to increase focus, patience and creativity but sometimes you just want a short, sharp burst of good vibes in your day. And that’s where our Positivity Soundscape comes into its own. Created by Willem van Erven Dorens, an audiovisual artist focused on wellbeing and science, in collaboration with Rituals, this immersive audio experience will leave you feeling energised in less than 10 minutes.  


To create a positive ambiance, Willem merged a few key elements. “The tempo of the music is lively and energetic, conveying a positive feeling. The harmonies use major chords, which are generally happy sounding, and progressions that help create a sense of joy. Here I have used minor chords, usually sad sounding, to add depth and complexity but the feeling of the piece is, overall, positive.” 


As for the sounds themselves, Willem used a few different instruments. “To create that positive mood I used synthesisers, keyboards and percussion instruments. The drums add a rhythmic uplifting drive to the composition.” 


For the best experience, sit back, relax and listen to the soundscape through your headphones or earbuds. 



For a truly immersive experience, scent your surroundings with the positive vibes of The Ritual of Karma parfum d'interieur or fragrance sticks.


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