5 minute tricks to feel more joyful every day

From celebrating your success to music proven to leave you feeling happy, put a spring in your step with these easy-to-do joy-boosting tips. 


Some days it’s easy to jump out of bed with a spring in your step feeling good about the day, that feeling of joy radiating out of you. And yet, on other days, it feels like an impossible task to resist hitting snooze just one more time and burying your head back into the pillow. If you want to feel that bit more joyful every day, then look no further than these 5 joy-boosting tricks you can try now.


1) Start the day with something beautiful 

Instead of reaching for your phone first thing in the morning, or being greeted by the sight of your alarm clock, put something by your bed that’s beautiful and inspiring when you first open your eyes. It could be a bunch of flowers or a beautiful picture, anything that will bring joy to the start of your day.   


2) Celebrate your success 

How often do you take a moment out to celebrate your success? We should mark our wins more, whether that’s simply announcing to your family over dinner how proud you are that you didn’t skip your morning yoga class or starting a nightly routine of saying with your partner “cheers” to something that went well that day. Celebrate your successes and, in that moment, encourage those around you to share theirs too! 

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3) Play your favourite tunes 

Music has the power to move us, and according to a study by The British Academy of Sound Therapy 81.8% use music to make themselves happy. The study of 7581 people determined a recommended daily allowance of music depending on the mood you wanted to feel. When it came to happiness the optimal time was 9 minutes and music with a driving rhythm, fast tempo and happy lyrical content worked best. The study noted that “our test subjects reported that they became happier, had more energy and felt satisfied with life, it gave them control & most laughed more. This had a knock-on effect of them being more positive towards others.” Why not listen to a quick 5-minute burst of uplifting tunes twice a day and see what happens?   


4) Practice gratitude 

Write down three experiences or things you’re grateful for every day. It doesn’t matter how small they are, it could be drinking your morning cup of coffee silently in the garden or being able to finish your book on your commute to work. Gratitude leads to positivity and a positive mindset cultivates a joyful outlook, give it a try.  


5) Turn your negativity around 

It may sound hard but whenever you experience a negative moment or emotion during your day, look for the positive too. If you’re having an argument with someone, focus on how important they are in your life. If you are having a tough time at work, think about all the things you enjoy about your job. By focusing on the joy, the negative won’t seem as bad.


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Amy Lawrenson

Amy Lawrenson

Amy Lawrenson is a UK beauty editor with over 13 years of experience writing for magazines and websites including ELLE, Grazia, Women's Health and Byrdie. She has a keen interest in all things beauty and wellness, especially skincare because who doesn't want a clear, glowing complexion?