Sneak peek! The Book of Rituals is on sale now

This season, we're celebrating the release of our first ever book, The Book of Rituals. Envisioned by our Creative Director, Dagmar Brusse, the 400+ pages reveal everything you need to know about soulful living and is the ultimate gift for yourself or someone else. For more than 20 years, Rituals has been focused on personal, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and The Book of Rituals brings all of that and so much more together. Not just a beautiful coffee table book, the pages are filled with inspiration, tools and wisdom that will inspire you on your path to personal wellbeing. This limited-edition book will help you form small routines and habits that will transform your life, so don't miss out.


Each of the chapters explores a different point on The Art of Soulful Living compass, from Authenticity to Love. It can be devoured from cover to cover, or you can navigate to the chapters that resonate the most with what your soul needs right now – be it more kindness, joy, passion, or something else.  


The chapters open with a deep dive into the compass point in focus and evolve through thought-provoking poetry, inspiring stories from around the world, meditations and useful exercises to help you align body, mind and soul. Throughout the book there are profiles of notable and inspiring people such as our founder Raymond Cloosterman, happiness ambassador Mo Gawdat, and British comedian-turned-mental health campaigner Ruby Wax.


The Book of Rituals is a guide that helps you lead a richer, more fulfilled life and with that comes time spent with loved ones. That is why we called on Renaud Goigoux, head chef at Restaurant Rouhi situated in our flagship store House of Rituals, Amsterdam, to create four beautifully nourishing and indulgent 3-course meals, complete with mocktails, to share with friends and family.  


Rituals is a brand that believes happiness can be found in the small things, like a simple morning meditation, a cup of tea or within the pages of a beautiful book that helps you to discover and embrace The Art of Soulful Living. 



For this book we worked with photographer and artist Jasper Abels. He combines his love for imagery with a fascination for nature, colour and mythical stories. With his unique eye for detail and strong personal vision, he constantly pushes the boundaries of photography, installations, collage-art and films. His work has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Vanity Fair. Jasper has created captivating images in the past for The Ritual of Mehr and The Ritual of Sakura collections. The close collaboration between our Creative Director and Jasper has resulted in this one-of-a-kind book that breathes and embodies the wellbeing philosophy of Rituals in a sophisticated, artistic way. It’s out now, so get your copy today.