5 simple tips to help you live happily in the moment

These days our lives are increasingly busier and more stressful, we're so often frantically moving from one thing to the next. That's why it's important to notice what time zone your mind is in because we have so many emotions that pull us back and forth. Many people either live in the past, regretting actions, reactions or not taking action. They relive their hurt over regrettable or painful events, continuing in a never-ending circle of suffering. Or they live in the future, anxious about anything that can or might go wrong or wistfully thinking about a better, grander, happier, more beautiful life if only they could do this or that. We cannot change the past. What's done is done, so let that go. Just as we cannot foresee the future, life might take many unexpected turns, so the only place we should live – where our mind should focus – is in the present.


It sounds simple, but the ability to be happy in the moment tends to evade many of us. Happiness, however, comes from being content in the here and now. If you tend to feel overly stressed or find your mind wandering, unable to concentrate on the task at hand, try this tip to help you live in the present.


If you are always rushing on to the next moment, what happens to the one you are in?


In today's society, multi-tasking is applauded, but often, the more tasks we try to juggle at the same time, the less chance we have of being able to focus and do anything well. If you find yourself trying to do too many things at once, stop. Please take a moment to write a to-do list and prioritise it. Start with the most urgent tasks and work through the list, one at a time. Once you have ticked everything off, take a moment to acknowledge how you feel. Chances are you'll be less frazzled than if you had tried to balance all those tasks at once.

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