How sleep smart are you?

In today's video, Dr. Harris reveals some of the myths that stop us from getting a good night’s rest, while in your daily task you’ll learn how to track your own sleep throughout the next two weeks.


Task: Create a sleep journal

Dr Shelby says: “The best sleep diaries contain basic information about both the day and the night. They should take a couple of minutes to fill out and in no way should they increase stress levels or frustration when going to bed. Try to keep this throughout the masterclass, and we’ll assess the results at the end.”


Step 1: Start an entry just before bed each night. Think about your day and write down the following information:

  • How much energy you had on average for the day, and what time you consumed any alcohol, caffeine and tobacco (plus the amounts).
  • Any naps (and how long they were) as well as any medications you took.
  • Any stressful (out of the ordinary) events that happened that day.
  • Finally, write down the time that you decided to go to bed for the night.


Step 2: When you get up the next morning, think about how you slept the night before.

  • Estimate how long it took you to fall asleep
  • Note how many times you woke up in the middle of the night and roughly how long you were up for each time.
  • Write down what time you woke up in the morning as well as what time you got out of bed.
  • Finally, write down how you felt when you woke up.


Podcast: Sleep Unravelled

The body is performing all kinds of magic while we sleep. Today you’ll take a deep dive in to the amazing processes that take place as we slumber. 



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